Sharing is Not Caring

So what the hell is up with girls sharing clothes?? Seriously, that shit aint cute….I don’t want you wearing something one day and your girlfriend wit that shit on the next. First and foremost, its just nasty!!! Not everyone out there has common hygienic practices (and by this I mean, SOME OF U BRAWDS DON’T SHOWER). The other problem I have with it is…..well actually that’s my only problem. Now I know most of you are going to argue that it perfectly ok because you might see someone with something you like or some shit like that. I SEE NIGGAS EV-ER-Y DAY WIT SHIT I I LIKE, that however does not mean that im going to be asking my room mate for his t-shirt. Or my favorite excuse, I can’t afford to get all the clothes I want……hears an idea, GET A JOB!!!! Oh and need I mention all the petty fights you all have because some brawd borrowed your clothes and “forgot” to return it? Whatever your reason is, just cut that shit out, it’s a poor excuse for personal style. Buy your own stuff and look good in it.