How To

needing reasons is often the assurance
needing confirmation is often confirmation itself
instructions are without room for character
but learning is still the vital key
we create questioning to answers
but to do so is only human
it is only this that makes life worth living
it is through living that we truly understand
I can sit here and give u ever reason why
I can quote every cliché
but at the end, to do so is still a risk
once again, we are human
achieving what we desire is right and wrong
to be true to yourself is the road that burns bridges
delegating your heart to a series of gestures is cruel
to trust calculated feelings is the embodiment of love
faith in precise actions is the journey to knowing
but all this is irrelevant in a way
why ask how, when you already know?
why ask how when you've been doing it all along
what feels right often is wrong
but sometimes, just sometimes...
its the answer to a question you never asked