Featured in the Japanese Monster Pack, puma presents maybe the most unique shoe to date. This shoe is not your ordinary Puma. The rightfully named Mecha King is a monster, i mean this shit is chrome people....FUCKING CHROME. It houses a 100% metallic/chrome-plated upper with red accents added to the inner lining, heel, eyelets and stitching on the black leather mid-sole. I will be first in line for these. oh this has nothing to do with these shoes but the twin peaks are out and can be found at ubiq!

New BBC Releases!!!

I'm not in love with the stuff but it is worth mentioning


Drake has to be one of the realist out right now, hes bound to blow soon!!!(thanks to my girl iman for puttin me on)

The Others

So many come and go
all wonderful loving and attentive
few ever break the barrier
none ever breach the inner chambers of the heart
I wonder if they hate me
even worse, i wonder if they hate you
I wonder if half truths leave their pillows drenched
Its wrong, but what am i to do?
who am i to put others through such misery and torment?
what do i know to inflict such pain?
but who keeps the seat warm if not they?
Its your heart that guides my actions
its my actions that reek havoc on their hearts
a cycle of abuse that is born in you
lives in me and appears in others
Still they are nameless, faceless, and without representation
ghosts in a world where identity is not your own
Your the sun that warms the brick walls
the brick walls you put up around my heart to protect yourself
the same ones idolized even though what’s inside causes no harm
believed to imprison fear when fear helped u build
all of which goes back to the poor souls
the many that passed and the many to come
the ones with smiles and kind gestures
that care more and love endlessly
that will never open the gift because its set aside for you

Must Have: Padded Bomber from Gucci

With its stand up knit double collar, front zip closure, the signature bomber from the Gucci 2008 collection is a must have. It also features a web waistband and cuffs, diagonal button flap pockets, zip pocket on sleeve, and nylon lining.

Kanye West x Louis Vuitton - Red/ Red

My love for kanYe west continues…..the man does it all folks, I mean seriously rappers have had shoe deals in the past but none of them have done it quite like this man. To have a collaboration with one of the biggest names in fashion is treading new waters. Now for the shoe itself, this model will be all red of course and sports an exxaggerated heel flap while maintaining a high-fashion feel. The idea behind the elevated heel flap was a sci-fi character from the cult film of the 1980s known as Dune. The heel flap was created in order to make tucking pants into your shoes easier, a very innovative idea. Another nice touch is the raised Louis Vuitton logos shown on the tongue and sole. (via kicksonfire) now I wouldn’t personally grab a pair of these one being I cant afford it…..hahaha…..and im not one for the sold one color shoe. However, the shoe does come in other color ways so be on the look out!!!

LRG x Casio 10th Anniversary G-Shock (Frogman)

LRG follow up their hugely successful "Time is Money" G-Shock project with another classic time piece! Marking the 10 year anniversary of LRG, the Frogman G-Shock features a plethora of features typical watches can't keep up with! It retails for a pocket cringing $600, which is a little ridiculous but for those that are true fans, its worth every penny. Oh….as for the plethora of features, here they go!!!!

-Full auto EL light
-Low-temperature resistant
-Dive time and surface interval measurement function
-Dive time: 1 second increments
-Surface interval: 1 minute increments
-Current time in 10 sites, 14-character site name
-ID function:C Card Number, Passport Number, Blood Type (RH factor/ABO type)
-1/100-second stopwatch- Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times
-Countdown timer- Measuring unit: 1/10 second
-Countdown range: 24 hours
Hourly time signal
-Battery power indicator, -Power Saving -Auto-calendar (to year 2039), 12/24-hour format
-Accuracy: +-15 seconds per month
-Approx. battery operating time: 5 months on ML2016

BRING IT BACK (Air Force 180 Pump)

In the early 90’s Nike responded to Reebok’s Pump with their own series of basketball sneakers that featured Air Pump technology that gave the wearer a better fit about the ankle. David Robinson was the signature athlete to represent the high top Nike Pump series that included the Nike Air Pressure, Nike Air Command Force(which I will talk about in the near future as a part of my BRING IT BACK series, which i sorta stole from kicks on fire) and pictured here Nike Air Force 180 Pump.
The shoe has cosmetic touches such as speckled and fading midsole, but the sheer high top of the shoe and its hefty pricetag of $175 made the shoe a tough sale in the not so strong economy in 1992. So far, Nike has not brought back any of the Air Pump shoes as retros, but our fingers are crossed that at least one of the three models will return. Via nicekicks

Substitute Happiness(old...but i like it)

Running through the park
Walking in the rain
Crawling to reach arms
Aiming for others needs
Love in one breath
The opposite the same
Simple in needs
Complicated in heart
Blind to kind gestures
Open to harm
In life and death
Starvation and strife
Only in the higher
Only in knowledge
True contentment
Not at this moment
Now, substitute happiness
Joy that brings forth joy
Eyes, threshold to superior
No longer a formality
Nowadays, only one


I Know What You Like! from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.


Always Strive For the Top(high top): The Terminator

Now I am not a fan of the ACG line of the Nike brand but to every rule there is an exception. Nike has created a few pairs of hybrid sneakers that consist of ACG features to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of their ACG (All Conditions Gear). The Terminator hybrid features Clima-Fit material as well as neoprene on its upper. This combination allows it to be water resistant, light weight, and breathable. Which all equivocates to straight hotness!!! via

Always Strive For the Top(high top): The Admiral

There is nothing I love more than a high top sneaker,(infact the higher the better) this shoe by DC is by far one of the best ive seen. Now im not a big fan of DC, but they have slowly been increasing their visibility in the shoe game. As part of the DC Life Collection, the Admiral is pictured above. Both sport grey suede at the back end, along with faux woven black toes and a light blue tongue, this show is fire!!!!...Via SneakerFreaker

How To

needing reasons is often the assurance
needing confirmation is often confirmation itself
instructions are without room for character
but learning is still the vital key
we create questioning to answers
but to do so is only human
it is only this that makes life worth living
it is through living that we truly understand
I can sit here and give u ever reason why
I can quote every cliché
but at the end, to do so is still a risk
once again, we are human
achieving what we desire is right and wrong
to be true to yourself is the road that burns bridges
delegating your heart to a series of gestures is cruel
to trust calculated feelings is the embodiment of love
faith in precise actions is the journey to knowing
but all this is irrelevant in a way
why ask how, when you already know?
why ask how when you've been doing it all along
what feels right often is wrong
but sometimes, just sometimes...
its the answer to a question you never asked

The Varsity

The varsity jacket has to be one of my favorite articles of clothing; everything about it screams I’M FLY AS SHIT!!! If you don’t know nike does the varsity as good or better than any other brand. Seriously this jacket needsto be brought back, or at least a new version of it. So here’s my plee, SOME ONE AT NIKE HEAR MY CRIES!!!!

Barack Obama





I could care less if its the 3rd remix to this song(well fourth if u count the sample for Brooklyn we go hard)....still though its hot and she a genius, period!! oh, almost forgot she also has a song with kanye, lykke li and NASA thats supposed to drop on NASA's album on the 20 of this month(jan) but dont quote me on that.

Just got Divorced!

I now pronounce you happily infatuated
Isn’t it the most wonderful phrase?
Yeah I thought about it all by my lonesome
From crazy stalker love to,
I simply like you
This has to be one of life’s magical little lessons
To simply be happy with nothing
Well not so much nothing
But a slightly nutritional form of it
and im happy with that
I know its hard to believe but I am
because theres something about not knowing
maybe it wont work(syke)..but I am enjoying it
like I always say….....think
look sidways, u never know what happening
who looks forward anymore anyways


Can we all agree that no one needs to have them anymore.

Silly Thing 2009 Collection

SiLLY THING introduce some new pieces from their 2009 Spring/Summer line of goods. The Hong Kong-based hi-end streetwear brand target the rich and po’folks with this simple graphic crewneck design. Coming in both a heather and black colorway.(

Sharing is Not Caring

So what the hell is up with girls sharing clothes?? Seriously, that shit aint cute….I don’t want you wearing something one day and your girlfriend wit that shit on the next. First and foremost, its just nasty!!! Not everyone out there has common hygienic practices (and by this I mean, SOME OF U BRAWDS DON’T SHOWER). The other problem I have with it is…..well actually that’s my only problem. Now I know most of you are going to argue that it perfectly ok because you might see someone with something you like or some shit like that. I SEE NIGGAS EV-ER-Y DAY WIT SHIT I I LIKE, that however does not mean that im going to be asking my room mate for his t-shirt. Or my favorite excuse, I can’t afford to get all the clothes I want……hears an idea, GET A JOB!!!! Oh and need I mention all the petty fights you all have because some brawd borrowed your clothes and “forgot” to return it? Whatever your reason is, just cut that shit out, it’s a poor excuse for personal style. Buy your own stuff and look good in it.

Kanye West x Louis Vuitton - Boat Shoes

So much hype has been conjured up about the Nike Air Yeezy, but this time around, Kanye has collaborated with Louis Vuitton to create some nice looking boat shoes. Shown here are one of six designs that he created with them, which feature a clean white design constructed from premium leathers and a puffed heel for that extra something.(article by I wouldn’t wear these shoes nor do I particularly like them, I do however admire kanye and his role in anything artistic (yes fashion is art). Still, this shouldn’t take away from the AirYezzy’s that are due to drop sometime in the near future.

Brutal Honesty

honestly, honest feelings don’t always turn up
maybe its because we choose not too
or maybe there some deeper seeded crap
lieing to myself works wonders
but to do so is to only delay the inevitable
now, I don’t always see very clearly...
see that’s a lie 2
im not comatose, I see all that shit
and it doesn’t hurt as much as it disappoints
really though wats the purpose of it all
find a clear night and go to a park
lie down on the grass and look at the sky
if u catch one star u’ll be lucky
so is it worth it to even try?
ive only seen one in all this time
and on some real shit, it was corny…

ive never needed anything to make me whole
but I know losing you would make me incomplete

I No Longer Want to Be Under Her Umbrella...

WHAT THE FUDGE SICKLES!!!! She isslowly but surely starting to look like Prince! I mean am I the only one that misses the accent? What next, is she gonna start callin her the self the artist formerly known as Rihanna???.....oh and how long is she gonna ride the success of one album. I’m more than tired of seeing videos and singles being put out for an album the debuted years ago. I only say this because I actually love this brawd, her music, and former sense of fashion. Just seems money is getting to that head(albeit it is a big head). So I beg you “riri”, cut this shit out, let your hair grow and just once in a blue moon, spring the accent on us.