The Others

So many come and go
all wonderful loving and attentive
few ever break the barrier
none ever breach the inner chambers of the heart
I wonder if they hate me
even worse, i wonder if they hate you
I wonder if half truths leave their pillows drenched
Its wrong, but what am i to do?
who am i to put others through such misery and torment?
what do i know to inflict such pain?
but who keeps the seat warm if not they?
Its your heart that guides my actions
its my actions that reek havoc on their hearts
a cycle of abuse that is born in you
lives in me and appears in others
Still they are nameless, faceless, and without representation
ghosts in a world where identity is not your own
Your the sun that warms the brick walls
the brick walls you put up around my heart to protect yourself
the same ones idolized even though what’s inside causes no harm
believed to imprison fear when fear helped u build
all of which goes back to the poor souls
the many that passed and the many to come
the ones with smiles and kind gestures
that care more and love endlessly
that will never open the gift because its set aside for you