Kanye West x Louis Vuitton - Red/ Red

My love for kanYe west continues…..the man does it all folks, I mean seriously rappers have had shoe deals in the past but none of them have done it quite like this man. To have a collaboration with one of the biggest names in fashion is treading new waters. Now for the shoe itself, this model will be all red of course and sports an exxaggerated heel flap while maintaining a high-fashion feel. The idea behind the elevated heel flap was a sci-fi character from the cult film of the 1980s known as Dune. The heel flap was created in order to make tucking pants into your shoes easier, a very innovative idea. Another nice touch is the raised Louis Vuitton logos shown on the tongue and sole. (via kicksonfire) now I wouldn’t personally grab a pair of these one being I cant afford it…..hahaha…..and im not one for the sold one color shoe. However, the shoe does come in other color ways so be on the look out!!!