Harsh Reality

stars aligned, standing on the moon
fought my thoughts, reoccurring tune
God forgive my words, born and dies in her
everything pouring in, all just a blur

see it’s all just too easy
it’s all just the same
when we have another to blame
but it takes a real woman to look inside and behind
it takes one of courage and dignity
a women never needing influence
seeing the path laid out and choosing
minds are so easily manipulated
often seeing what they want to see
neglecting the little child that is truth
which is often wrapped in a lie
surrounded by deceit and befriended by your mind
in a sea of pretty faces and winding curves
it’s not impossible to find a goddess
the true feet is finding one with out a mask
see masks guard a lies agenda
so a pretty face is just that, pretty
looking for more is trial and error
and right about now, immmmmm lets just say
really far from the truth
but lucky for me, truth has a friend
and her name is hope
because in a sea of masks, all you really have is hope

dreams aligned, standing on solid earth
looking at her smile, wondering what its worth
God bless my path, died and born again
let the fluid subside, true meaning of a friend



Naked Burglar




Mustang Shelby GT500

One can not speak of American muscle cars without mentioning the classic Ford. The menacing exterior is an update of the classic design which hides the beastly supercharged 5.4L dual overhead cam V-8 engine that is equipped with an intercooler. Double race stripes adorn the interior tastefully next to leather seats and upholstery.(viafrenesmag)

Must Have: Diamond Supply Co. Tiffany Belt


Porta-Pizza Oven

How fucking cool is this? A toaster oven in your car, its basically every college students dream come true. With both warming and cooking settings this little oven packs a punch. (obviously u shouldn't drive while taking care of your baking needs lol)

EWWWW: Air Jordan Pro Classic



I'm kinda disappointed wit this vid, expected a lot more but the song is hot and its nice to see the clipse doin it again.


We are to sure of things, depend on things, and in essence worship hope. All things pass, most things fail, and something new is sure to arise. The past has passed, the future is far away but the present is here. Always Look Sideways. A.Ayele

PC DUFFLE (Caviar)

I've been looking for something to hold all my crap for the weekly commute between temple and my home....well, boooyaaaa Play Cloths came through!!! Perfect size, fresh, and price isn't to bad, $190.


retails for 130

Lupe Fiasco "Sunshine"

Uh, Fresh to def she is
From her steps to the set she is
So "death" might not let me live
Ya dig
Fresh uh huh, yes she is
Had a feeling that it would be a day like this
The orchestra in my mind don't play like this (naw),
But I'm prepared for it
Got a lil rare for it
Brushed off my airs
Even cut my hair for it
'Cause normally I don't care for it
Don't even be looking for like, like that
Then there go it
Yea right over there so I prepare the poet
Lil scared my stair lowered
Momma said have no fear
Plus I'm already outta my chair
God love my airs on my square from here forward
It's nothing right so here go it
Whisper in her ear "it's kinda crowded in here"
Would she care to blow it she said "yea"

You're my sunshine
You're my moonlight
You're the starry skies above me won't you please come down and hug me,
Think I found love in this club tonight

Never met her before
But I think I like her like a metaphor
It's hard to get in the car we sit
From the intro she rolled down her window just in case I was a skitzo
I compliment her on the common sense
I'm calm
A lil more confident
And then we lose consciousness
She says "that I've been waiting for you"
And I know you've been chasing me too since they kidnapped me from a castle
I been thinking of you
I told her "fire breathing dragon he bet not harm me" or he be sorry when he meets my one man army
And thou has come to rescue me
My knight in shining armor yes you be
Woken up by the horn of an SUV
I said "see, too beautiful to let you sleep"

Relationship is just 30 minutes long
It's kinda heavy maybe a lil strong
Gonna take much more than once
Can't trust what each of us say at least for a month
Or two before I bid you a due
Do this one thing for me outta the trillions of numbers that's in the world
Just leave me a few that lead to you
Won't be longing I see you in the morning



Tees by LRG and 10 Deep

10 Deep


All available at Karmaloop.com


Not that it would fit my head but the Stroll Hat is made from 100% cotton and features a ribbon around the base, feather and satin interior lining.

SHE CAN GET IT: Samantha Mumba

Nike Big Nike Dino

Nike Big Nike Dino has a purple suede upper with a cheetah print panel and turquoise accents on the heel, tongue tag and laces. With a white midsole and black outsole. Still i dont know how i feel about this.


Hall of Fame/Mitchell & Ness...Team Up

Hall of Fame link up with another well-known hat brand as Mitchell & Ness jump into the mix for this latest collaboration hat. The Baseball Diamond motif which features a simple,subtle diamond ‘H’ graphic is seen over four models which include some solid fabric selections. The hats drop Friday, June 19th and will be limited to 50 pieces per style(viahypebeast)



Ralph Lauren Purple Label Tortoise Aviators...

Ralph Lauren's Purple label brand takes the common Aviator and refines it with tortoise shell edging around the frame, nosebar, and temples for a cool $350.

Jordan 12 Rising Sun

BAPE - Baby Milo Graffiti

Is there anything better then a white tee with black graphics, uhh i think not!

EWWWW: Jeremy Scott

Every shoe this man has designed as been, to put it nicely.....horrendous.

H&M Goes High Fashion

For the most part H&M has stuck to very low key designers, well....not anymore; this fall H&M prepares to rock womens feet with a collabo with Jimmy Choo. Oh and it doesnt stop there, there is also talk of an appareal line!!!

Diamond Supply Co. Summer 2009 T-Shirts

The overall theme of the release is simply diamonds, though very plain, they are pretty good for day to day wear.

Nike The Legacy Pack

I feel like they're releasing it like this as an excuse to overprice it, none the less we are all slaves to corporations like this and well....shits hot so ill probably get it.





Seriously Nike, when can i start designing cause this is just horrible.

TAKE IT BACK A BIT: Sweetest Thing

If you've ever driven at night, in the rain, down a dark whinedy road(as weird as that sounds) turn this song on, sit back a little, and take it in. oh and watch the road(it is dark and all hahaha)

The Perfect Summer

With my infallible love for exotic, almost stomach churning high-tops, it may come as a shock if one should ever see me wearing something so..so...well simple. The old saying comes to mind "sometimes less is more", and that is definitely the case with these Authentics aka Canvases. There aren't any crazy straps or thought provoking graphics; hell there isn't even any color, but for some strange reason I’m drawn to this shoe. The Authentic is the first lace-up skate shoe featuring the signature waffle bottom construction, original vulcanized sole and canvas uppers. The shoe has stayed true to its roots and has not changed since its 1966 origin. Whether at the beach or walking down your local street, the Vans all white canvas is the shoe for the "Perfect Summer".


Thought of the Day

In Beach Chair hov says "life is but a dream to me, i don't want to wake up", words so potent, so pure. Everyday you live is yet another reason to live.

Burberry Check-Lined Umbrella

Burberry introduces a sheek black upper with camel check underside.

Patent Zucca-Heel Pump by Fendi

With black patent leather, peep toe and concealed platform, the 5" Zucca-print stacked heel pump is sure to turn some heads. Fendi it self was established in 1925, the entrepreneurial house of Fendi credits its success to three main factors—creativity, technology, and craftsmanship (in the highest sense). These attributes come to life in Fendi's signature furs (completely transformed, shaped, redesigned, and reinterpreted by Fendi), and in innovative shoes and handbags that establish a new philosophy and define a style archetype.