Harsh Reality

stars aligned, standing on the moon
fought my thoughts, reoccurring tune
God forgive my words, born and dies in her
everything pouring in, all just a blur

see it’s all just too easy
it’s all just the same
when we have another to blame
but it takes a real woman to look inside and behind
it takes one of courage and dignity
a women never needing influence
seeing the path laid out and choosing
minds are so easily manipulated
often seeing what they want to see
neglecting the little child that is truth
which is often wrapped in a lie
surrounded by deceit and befriended by your mind
in a sea of pretty faces and winding curves
it’s not impossible to find a goddess
the true feet is finding one with out a mask
see masks guard a lies agenda
so a pretty face is just that, pretty
looking for more is trial and error
and right about now, immmmmm lets just say
really far from the truth
but lucky for me, truth has a friend
and her name is hope
because in a sea of masks, all you really have is hope

dreams aligned, standing on solid earth
looking at her smile, wondering what its worth
God bless my path, died and born again
let the fluid subside, true meaning of a friend