no second thought ever registers
its not as if its even tangible
we are all on a road
some journey we know nothing about
spies out of water
chashing while being chased
its almost like satire
today is the 67th day
cant close my eyes
i almost laugh thinking
for it to be mere coincidence
spies out of water
we are x and y my dear
everyday is just another warning sign
another clue to stay away
a notion i could never understand
we look so hard sometimes
we look right past it

we die once
we live twice

so if we're all on a road
isn't it only a matter of chance before we cross paths?
we keep valuables hidden away
in shelves beyond locks and guards
but why not in our hearts
why not in our speech and breath
why not in our smiles and laughter
in our tears and sorrow
why not keep our most treasured possession in plain sight?
isn't it the last place we look anyway?

we die once
we live twice

thanks b

hold on dear life

Jerome's in da house! I say Jerome's in da hou-oo-ah-oo - In da house!