BRING IT BACK (Air Force 180 Pump)

In the early 90’s Nike responded to Reebok’s Pump with their own series of basketball sneakers that featured Air Pump technology that gave the wearer a better fit about the ankle. David Robinson was the signature athlete to represent the high top Nike Pump series that included the Nike Air Pressure, Nike Air Command Force(which I will talk about in the near future as a part of my BRING IT BACK series, which i sorta stole from kicks on fire) and pictured here Nike Air Force 180 Pump.
The shoe has cosmetic touches such as speckled and fading midsole, but the sheer high top of the shoe and its hefty pricetag of $175 made the shoe a tough sale in the not so strong economy in 1992. So far, Nike has not brought back any of the Air Pump shoes as retros, but our fingers are crossed that at least one of the three models will return. Via nicekicks