Pooh Bear

the cooling breeze carries relief
at the same time, it hints at bitter intent
so what in the world am I suppose to feel
what exactly is the path the leads to everyone winning
because secret potions don’t exist
simple answers never arrive on time
noble intentions are often warped into cruel actions
how do u apologize for incessant mistakes
hurting you is both unintended and deliberate
trying to build bridges leads to unwanted connections
remaining stagnant is a map to the end
but it seems only then can all the variables be satisfied
go straight to pain, do not pass hurt, do not collect
remember when we christoper robin and poo bear
nothing in this world could hurt us
nothing could come between our HONEY
shes my day, you’re my night
the sun rises when shes with me
the moon illuminates the darkness when you smile
so really, truly, from the soul, im sorry
everyone else’s joy seems to be contingent on my unhappiness
for foreseeable future, I know this is how it has to be
and that I can live with and die for