Knock You Down

[Kanye West]
Tell me now can you make past your caspers
So we could finally fly off into NASA
to seem to only date the head of football teams,
and i was the class clown that always kept you laughing
we were never meant to be, baby we just happened
so please don't mess up the trick,
hey young world, i'm the new slick rick,
they say i move to quick but we can't let this moment past us,
let the hour glass pass right into ashes
let the wind blow the ashes right before my glasses
so i wrote this love letter right before my classes
how could a goddess ask someone that's only average, for advice
o-m-g you listen to that bitch?
woah is me, baby this is tragic
cause we had it, we was magic
i was flying, now i'm crashing
this is bad, real bad, michael jackson
now i'm mad, real mad, joe jackson
you should leave your boyfriend now, i'ma ask him