I Want You

u have arrived at destination always
seeing colors of misappropriated signs
walk through long, untouched hallways
now of all days
distant love-hate, is what it portrays

i dream of the past many
sleep with the future one
while the present has nightmares
in the end, inevitably undone

dont know what u got till its gone
stuck between the nothing and nothingness
nothing is on but all seems drawn
greener then a springs lawn
relations like ATMs, all withdrawn

the scorn of a mad black women
believe the buzz of a bee
where, what, why, how
asked her if i agree

misunderstood to the point of goodbye
heart weeps, realizing the reality
no supply of what comes in July
damn near every after, no reply
let me in, let me in, simple deny

drenched in the tears of the father
answer seem to be subliminal
brown skin girl; dark, loving heart
questions have always been pivotal

stretch the ability of a time
not wanting what each tick brings
words appear to be sublime
rhyme to a beat, stopping at a dime
stuck at the base, no room to climb