Say what you will about him: he’s corny, he’s trash, he’s ruining hip-hop…..anyway u slice it, I LOVE SOULJA BOY TELL’EM!!!! To me he’s funny, he’s entertaining, and most importantly he brings something to hip-hop that has been missing for years....THE FUN!!!! Remember the days of kid and play? The days when it was cool to dance and have fun at a party; instead of standing on a wall, mean mugging other people cause they’re havin fun. Sure, he makes dumb songs with slightly retarded lyrics, yeah he’s extremely superficial and will probably loose all that shit anyway…I get all that but honestly, he’s still fucking great in my eyes. Why is it so wrong to enjoy his music, cause on some real shit, there isn’t one person that has been to a party in the last 2 years that hasn’t done the Soulja Boy!!! Now with all that being said, don’t get me wrong, you would never catch me walkin down the street with “Booty Meat” blastin in my pod, but at a party, or with my friends in a car, HELL FUCKING YEAH IM TURNIN MY SWAG ON!!!!!