Fuck the Flowers

I love the lord
But sometimes it's like that I love me more
I love the peace, and I love the war
I love the seas, and I love the shore
No love for no beach, baby that's law
But she doesn't see, therefore I spoil
I trick, I fall, run up in raw
I love her with all my heart
Every vein, every vessel, every bullet lodged
(lupe fiasco, the coolest....excerpt, verse 1)

green stems and beautiful white petals
sweet smell of a bright young morning
clear eyes, cloudy thoughts
all of whom arrive to one casket
stomach filled with a meadows butterflies
same place where daisy resides
in a ways i understand
so hello and goodbye
the flowers however remain intact
theres no need for destruction of beauty
no need to use Gods creation for lack of character
so in that breath, i say FUCK THE FLOWERS
i dont want to smell your enchanting perfume
i dont need ur beauty to make me happy
the hope you give with every pull
fuck the flowers, white, yellow, and green
fuck you daisy, and the thousands like you
......fuck you

(photo by TOM CHAMBERS)