SHE CAN GET IT: Kerry Washington

From what I’ve seen (I mean I don’t know shit about her) Kerry Washington seems like everything I would want in a future wife. There’s just something about her…..eyes, smile, lips that always leave you with the implication of something more, and damn those sexy ass cheek bones!!! Oh and not to mention one of the best bodies I’ve ever seen on any female(those who seen "I think I love My Wife" and "Lake View Terrace" can testify). And no I’m not that superficial, from the roles she’s played(I realize she’s acting and may not be anything like the characters shes portrayed) she seems like this playful vixen with a tender and loving nature. Oh and lets not forget her amazing sense of style, mixing a classic elegant look with high end katore. Anywho all this leads me to the phrase…..SHE CAN GET IT!!!