Sad Day

Today started like any other, woke up around 2ish, ate, showered and so forth. Unlike most days though, today was a truly sad one. So I get a friend request from mickey(for those who don’t know, thats my little cuz). My precious little no homework doing, stinky, picky little cousin, who till this days doesn’t shower if not told to do so. I still remember the days when he would poop in random parts of the house and not tell anyone, or the hour long tantrums and the ass kicking that followed. When I got his “friend request”, I guess it hit me, THE LITTLE FUCKER IS GROWING UP! He’s almost as tall as I am, has the family looks (yes ladies), and from what I can see, is undoubtedly intelligent. My question is how did I not see it coming? I mean he probably drives, smokes, drinks….ok ok maybe I took it to far but im sure he found out that his little man has a second function(as I did at his age lol). The thing is he’s 13 now, and it wont belong before wer buying houses along side each other. Which brings me to the realization, LIFE IS SO SHORT and we often don’t look around while we’re here. Enjoy the people around you, watch them grow and grow with them……it only happens once …..and as always…LOVE!!!!