Not So Daily Bullshit Dec 13, 09

Earth date December 13, 2009: So I’m in the sac standing in line at burger king when the heffa in front of me goes “Can I have a big mac and fries?” Everybody within a five “sneaker” radius was lookin each other like this brawd. After dieing in her face and embarrassing her, the cashier informs her that she not at McDonalds and life continues. Being the asshole that I am, when it came my turn to order I go "can I have a frosty please?" Than as if we organized it, the guy behind me goes “can I get some chicken selects”. Soon after, a fellow asshole in that back shouts “can a brotha get a happy meal?” At this point everybody in line is crackin up, I even noticed some people at Einstein bagel getting some free laughs in. Now mind you, the heffer as hers fries and is waiting for her whopper (or in her words a big mac). I don’t know if it frustration or sheer embarrassment cause next thing I know she goes "I don't even wan eat anymore" drops her fries and walks out of line.