Love is You?

It is truly tragic to lose
its even worse to idly watch it happen
love is u, sings Ms Michele
If love in all respects is you
then why do smiles lie
why do kisses through tears seem daunting
Is it reality or a figment of a never tiring imagination
the heart is heavy but actions grow cold
love is u she repeats over and over again
louder, louder, each time with more hurt then before
why have I not noticed this before
love is you!...shes making a statement
love is you?...shes asking a question
so confusion is born to a mother of variables
love is a child that is without nurture
often persuaded and misguided by it sibling
love is you
living with the inability to do what is real
love is me
falling when ther is a shoulder to lean on
so the statement becomes a question
one we refuse to answer
all because we don’t know if love truly is you

love is you, by Chrisette Michele...listen with out prejudice