Who Knows

when we started it was innocent
carrying each other through hurricane waters
blue skies, brown eyes, and everywhere to go
the trumpets sounding, blowing so loud
the spirit and mind at peace, not pieces
nibbling samples of crushed violets
wanting never to actually go on
never sounding if matters matter
so out of control, out of mind
feeling right like suicide
truth be told, nothing even makes sense
no words to describe it
no thoughts that dont run loops
the problem and the cure in words
the feeling never goes away
come to take us
bound to end up in a stretcher

meet me half way like the peas say
details tend to overshadow the present
every turn seems like the wrong one
forgetting is impossible
letting go is hard
giving in is not me
i must have missed it in the past
i must be loosing it in the present
so i pray its....