every handshake is moment in time

I think its very rare to have an experience in life that was just so memorable or so likable that you wanted to relive it. its so dope wen u meet someone that can play multiple roles, i consider you my friend but at the same time i feel you could be my teacher. There are few people that i even like to listen to; it sounds really selfish but for the most part, i day dream so much in my own mind that i dont really want to hear anybody talk after that. From time to time we all need someone to refresh us. Being a creator is a very special task, i feel like its not something u really choose to do, rather something your chosen for. i think a lot of us have an innate characteristic that makes us want to feel special and be highlighted. it humbles me that your not like that at all, you just want to work hard, enjoy what your doing, and most importantly, keep learning. thank you.