Vael Project - Terminatrix

Based on the concept of mobile societies (Gesellschaft), Vael Project sets out to create softgoods for the global creative class that is always moving, always on the go. The brand is born out of the founder’s own somewhat nomadic experiences as a rampant couch surfer, thus it understands the necessity of versatility and the concept of packing light. Vael Project’s footwear attempts to fuse many different kinds of footwear for all functions into a single pair of shoes. These are the shoes that functions as hiking boots and can take you from trekking thirty miles in the mountains of Machu Picchu to your third mojito in a swanky local bar.

An upcoming model, the high-top Terminatrix, is built around a narrative– a wanderer finds his way into a sunset bar after a day of travelling, and this is exactly what he’s wearing on his feet. The sleek and simple Terminatrix features a removable convertible zipper along the throat. Once removed, the shoes can be laced up as normal. The shoes are built with Vibram cupsoles for enduring long walks and the shoes come in two different kinds of full grain leather upper, the black Louis Vuitton “Epi” leather, or a soft supple white leather. The shoes also feature a full grain leather inner lining and leather covered EVA sock liner. Both colorways will be availble later this year, so all the hippie nomads and citizens of the world, do keep an eye out for them.(VIA FRESHNESMAG)