With all the over accessorizing that goes on in the world I found myself completely neglecting the fact that accessory's are in fact a necessity(no pun intended). My mentality to fashion has always been simple, let your footware and tops due the talking while everything else takes a back seat. This is probably a subconscious desire to get as far away from the era of the Girbaud Jean era as possible. If u don't know what that is, hears a little hint....if u ever seen anyone with overactive, almost ADD designs on their jeans, you know exactly what I'm talking about. But lets not stray from the topic at hand, I LOVE SIMPLICITY!!! often only throwing on a watch or maybe a hat. This however is bull and I'm feeding into the whole "I'm trying to be different" bullshit that everybody seems to be on. The thing is I love accessories and this little key chain obviously does not warrant this spaz of sorts, but it did serve its purpose. :)