5 AM

With the recent obliteration of the clk’s right front rim, tire, brake, brake disc and anything else associated with it; A long list of related incidents have had me waking up at 5 AM, to drive my dear mother to work on almost daily basis. One morning, with my sleep cycle completely derailed and my nerves shot, I noticed something odd about the ride on a normally congested and irritating i-95. I mean I’ve been up and down the interstate more times then I can count, but there was something about it now. It seems that the lack of traffic and day light appear to make this urban behemoth a sort of tranquil, soul soothing garden of Eden...(well with the occasional 18 wheeler roaring by). Now it might have to do with me being half asleep, but I’m almost joyful to get up at that unseemly hour. Which led me to a startling conclusion, however crazy it may sound, a 2 mile stretch of highway between Yeadon and South Philly is my paradise.

....oh and i almost died taking this pciture so enjoy.