the more i do
the more pertinent it becomes
seems like the whole world is on
like everything strives for it
at times even making destiny
id never thought i be on this voyage
came in and knocked it everything out of orbit
never thought id fight so hard
for something i didnt know i wanted
i pick little fights cause its my way
sort of desperation to counter yours
i always kept a smile on the costume
never let the stream through the mountain
still, back and forth we sway like branches in a storm
clutching your pillow and writhing in a naked sweat
row row ur boat, ur blood forms the stream
dont know if ur my little devil or the worlds angel
live and let live, die and drag everything within
i could stand here and defend every action
but in the end, as in the begging, im not driving
love never dies but bonds fade
fire's the beacon of life
but at times it burns, scorching the earth
and sometimes it simply as to be put out
after the smoke clears, and the scars remain
time will settle and regret will fill the void
they say the soul snatchers comin
but ive made up my mind to define my own destiny