Amazing from kwest on Vimeo.
THE FACT THAT HE MAKES A VIDEO TO ALMOST EVERY SONG HE PUTS OUT AMAZES pun intended :) What has been written about Kanye West’s latest album, 808s and Heartbreak can fill a book. It has been praised for it’s raw emotion and criticized for it’s auto tune heavy singing. Whether you love or hate the album, it is certain that it has become a new watermark for popular music. MCs have already started to mimic the album’s format and advertisers have utilized the cinematic compositions for dramatic effect. “Amazing” featuring Young Jeezy is one of the least somber songs on the album but just as emphatic as the other tracks. The song takes the age old Hip Hop braggadocio mold and gives it an epic feel. The visuals to the music provided by veteran music video director Hype Williams captures the enormity of the track by simply pairing it with breath taking shots of landscapes and oceans.(viahypebeast)