i am an old man
my eyes don't see well, my leg is giving way
life is soon to foreclose
i see the travesties passed down from generation to generation
the same fears of uncertainty guides thoughts
the ill ways of the past run through coarse veins
time-lines meet in points of the worst human nature has to offer
accidents rule the swaying hearts
considering the actions of one man while deciding the fate of another
traveling to the ends of the earth only elude to the emptiness within
simply denying facts that will never come to light

setting that path on to which growth can occur cannot take place with seeds alone
supplying the seeds means nothing without the ability to nurture
unspoken words haunt faltering relationships
hasty thoughts burn through the body like wild fire
nouns and adjectives combining to erase hope, while cementing foregone conclusions
all forgiven in the heart but permeating in history
a series of events, continuous, easily repeating if not meticulously examined

misfortune is often beamed on the ones we love most
the same ones sworn would never experience the fate we endured
this guides my belief, my heart, my faith, my love
a promise to oneself to be tender
to give life that is not mechanical
the type we have learned to control through modern ideals
no longer biological, it has become a system
a factory where the worlds evil run freely
lord willing my time will come at the right time, his time
i realize its out of my hands but i pray our clocks meet

and old cliche reads...
"if a tree falls and no ones there to hear it, does it make a sound?"

well in the same breath, does love exist of its confined to the chambers of the heart where no one can have it?