We Celebrate

Power, influence, prestige, control
A system with too many layers
They know not what think they know
Success overwhelmed with failure
Further the height of the odds
Its about sharks, marks and labor
Bumping heads and misguided nods
Riding the tracks of favor
Experience the control of silence
Listen to the trumpets play
Its blue and green, pure defiance
Essence of sunless rays
Music is dead and so are her friends
The loss of control lighting the sky
Moving back and forth trying not to bend
Fireworks making red of ears so shy
Carried by southern winds and aluminum bullets
Apocalyptic horse men branded on chests
Fired through the barrels of beautiful muskets
Even the mother approved could not find rest

So what do we do you ask
We dance, we celebrate as if a task
Laughing at the end, death in a mask
Tonight we celebrate, as if it were task
Tonight we celebrate, tonight we celebrate as if our last