HOW DanelleSandoval SAVED MY DAY

So like 15 ago my mom asks me to drop her off at the wondersulf son i am, i quickly alibdge. so we get ther and while shes getting out of the car, this silver suv pulls up and starts honking. i was sorta kinda blocking the street but ther was def enough room to go around. I had to get my moms bag out of the trunk(again, being that im such a great son) i quickly run out and grab it. all-the-wile miss silver suv is going bizzerk. Next thing i know a man hops out of the passenger. Sidebar if you've ever spent more then 15 minutes with my mother u know that this situation has just reached the point of no return. But continuing on, the man walks up to me which i didnt find the least bit intimidating being that he was about 5'5 and the fact that i had done nothing wrong. Second sidebar: all of this is elapsed into a span of abut 10-12 seconds. The convo between me and the little man goes as follows:
little man: why are u being so disrespectful
me: sir im just getting the bags, im moving now
little man: i dont care if u moving now i wan know why ur being so damn disrespectful?
me: (getting frustrated) im not tryna be
little man: puts pointed finger near my face and says move that shit
me: see now im not doin shit and id like to see you make me move the car
little man: what?
my beautiful mother: your about to loose that finger little man(thats why i was referring to him as little man)

driver side of the silver suv pops open and, being and the big black man from the green mile walks out.

aka the little mans feakish large wife

at this point all hell breaks loose: like i said if u know my mother, u know whats about to ensue

over the next 15 min the situation escalated, i drew even more frustrated, my mother grew angrier, and to make matter worse ther was an idiot from church to do something that 6 generations of Ayeles have never done before...


the following turn of events dont need any more elaboration; i am not half as upset about the situation as i was upset about the man doing what he did.

but i digress, i go home and turn on my cousins comp(being that mines is still at school) trying to forget about what just happened.

In and open window i see "poker face by lady gaga acoustic cover", which is a good song but like the rest of gagas music lacks that certain something that i havent been able to put my finger on.

now i love live performances, covers, acoustic covers, etc. so say what u will, but damn this girls version is better then the original song; THATS RIGHT I SAID IT, BETTER.

i dont know who she is(besides what youtube says her name is) but damn, listen for your self. the soft, suddle, raspy nature of her voice with the occasional high note done almost perfectly and the accompaniment of the guitar which serves her style of singing so well!! so much so, i didnt notice myself smiling until the video ended :)

oh and thank you for saving my day!!!

i will def be showing you love if u keep um comin like this

oh and everybody else, LISTEN TO THIS GIRL!!!