Why do women think that relationships are a joint effort(meaning that somehow, their "friends" are involved). How is it possible that people in the same age group, who've all had basically the same experiences, qualified in helping you with your problem? Now dont get me wrong, its great to have friends that will listen and give advice. However, my problem is when people(women/girls) think that the advice they get is 100% accurate, like "oh my best friend who I've known for years, and knows about things like this said it so it must be right" is what you should do in every situation...
1. step back and try to look at the situation with a clear mind, devoid of anger, frustration...etc...
2. talk to someone, listen to their advice and actually determine if it works for you
3. have a fucking mind of your own...almost every relationship Ive been in or witnessed has gone sour due(in part) to the meddling of others
5. make sure ur not on ur period....ok, u can kick my ass if u see me for that one....and if a guy ever uses this excuse for your problems, breakup wit the dumb fuck

and this is written in first person for no particular reasons so don't get any ideas ;)