My Prayer

Why certain things happen is truly a mystery; why others don't is an even bigger one. It seems as though every peek is soon followed by a devastating blow back down to earth. God has a way of humbling even the mightiest of spirits. Silencing ones that have exceeded their allowance of self glory. In a world where we put so many thing ahead of what's really important, such action is only just. In times when we forget the foundation in which our structure is built upon, his wisdom destroys what we've built, not out of vengeance or spite, but out of love. To see someone you love make mistakes is heartbreaking, to let them continue to do so is an abomination. The lows after every peek are punishment because we have not given love where love is rightfully due. There is always a balance, joy and pain are one in the same, following each other like the seasons do. It is he who says this too shall pass. In all things God resides. In him all things begin and in him so shall they end. I am sinner and shall continue to be so until I draw my last breath. I believe in his punishment just as much as I believe in his mercy. Amen way of sayin happy new years

ooooh and a little more
although i dont believe on putting a face to jesus like this video does, the words spoken are powerful